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Oct 10, 2010

Halloween Treat Pockets

This bat treat holder has an ingenious weaving that allows it to open into a triangular pocket.

I saw something like this in a catalog from Paper Cuttings by Allison. Supposedly these are a traditional Danish craft, called a hushylder, but I couldn't find anything more about them. Anyone ever seen these?

This was definitely one of those "well, I guess I can figure it out" kind of projects!

halloween treat holder

How to make a woven paper treat bag

Download templates and cut out from contrasting paper.

halloween treat holder template

halloween treat holder template


DXF page 1, DXF page 2

SVG page 1, SVG page 2

Score and crease inside pocket (page 2). (The SVG has tiny notches indicating the ends of the score lines.) Spread glue on long glue tab.

halloween treat holder

Fold pocket in half, gluing it into a triangle shape.

halloween treat holder

Weave the point of the pocket, under-over, under-over, starting at the top of the bat-topped piece.

halloween treat holder

Push the pocket all the way to the bottom. Crease along the center fold line to open the pocket.

halloween treat holder

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