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Sep 4, 2010

Autumn Leaves Paper Chain

autumn leaf paper chain

As a child, you probably made these interlocked, no-glue paper garlands from circles or other simple shapes. Now we're grown up and we get to try something that requires a bit more manual dexterity!

How to make an autumn leaf paper chain

Freewill contributions for files gratefully accepted.
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Download leaf files



SVGp1, SVGp2, SVGp3, SVGp4

Email me if you need another file type (CDR, DXF, GSD)!

Cut out as many sets of leaves as you like.

I suppose you could hand cut these, but wow, I wouldn't want to cut too many. I cut mine with my Craft Robo.

There's a circle garland pattern at d.Sharp Journal, and World Preschool Mom has great directions and pictures of the assembly process. No need for me to write it out, yay!

I made mine with thin scrapbook paper, which I don't care for. It's too flimsy, and some of the white "wrong" side shows. Double sided cardstock next time!

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