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Apr 8, 2009

Plain and Simple Sliceform Egg

Just in time for Easter.
This sliceform egg locks together--none of the slices will slide out even if you hold it upside down and shake it!

sliceform egg

You do have to twist and turn some of the slices to slide them together, so the construction is not absolutely simple-simple, but you can handle it!

Download pdf, or download Cricut (with Sure Cuts a Lot) SVG (page 1, page 2), or download GSD for Craft Robo (page 1, page 2). Print, and/or cut out the sliceform pieces.

Files download for free; pay what you wish for the tutorial and to support this site. Suggested contribution for this project is $1.00.

I ran my pieces through the Cuttlebug to add the embossed circle texture.

Begin with Large A and Large B. I trimmed a flat bottom on my egg to allow it to stand up on the table. Square off the bottom of Large B (blue), between the middle slots. Lay Large B on top of Large A (green) and trim Large A to match.

Slide together the center slots of Large A and Large B.

Add Medium B on each side, sliding the center slot of Medium B onto the next empty slot of Large A.

Top view after both Medium B pieces have been added.

Slide together the middle slot of Medium A (green) to the next empty slot of Large B (blue).

Rotate Medium A to the left. Slide the right side slot of Medium A to the next empty slot of the right-hand Medium B.

Rotate to the right and slide together the left side slot of Medium A to the next empty slot of the left-hand Medium B.

Repeat for the other Medium A.

Finally, add the small slices.

Slide center slot of Small A (green) onto last empty slot of Large B (blue).

Rotate one way, then the other, and attach to the Medium Bs.

Right side attached.

Left side attached.

Add the other Small A the same way.

Add the Small B (blue) pieces, sliding the center onto Large A, then attaching the sides.


Fold flat to store.

Here's what Angela made...

Here's one for sale that looks remarkably like mine (check the arrangement of the slots). Guess *I* should be charging .99 for this pattern. :/